Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Manufacturer: Williams , Year: 1991

This iconic table boasted a number of firsts in pinball: it was the first machine designed with a Dot Matrix Display (DMD), the first machine to have a video mode feature, and the first machine with an auto launch ball plunge. With audio clips from Arnold Schwarzenegger himself and a very early 90’s visual feel to the game, it can take you back to that era in no time. With no clear achievable “wizard mode” in T2, a player can simply choose to ignore or focus on any one or multiple modes throughout play. Some gameplay tips and mode breakdowns follow:

Skill shot – A player must launch the ball to hit the timed sequential target on the 5 bank left side of the playfield. This shot may vary on which target the launch will shoot to depending on the game, and each shot will net the player 1 million to start, and each successful hit is worth 1 million more than the previous hit. Target bank increases in speed with each successful hit as well

Auto-fire: T2 does feature a ball save mode called Auto-fire

Payback Time/Ramp shots – Alternating successful ramp shots will complete target lights leading up to each ramp, and lighting all of these in completion starts Payback Time, a timed 20 second mode that awards 5 million for every “made” shot during this time, including ramps, orbits, loops, and multiplier lanes behind the pop bumpers. This can net you a lot of points if shot making/rhythm aiming is your goal.

Multiball – Shoot and knock down the drop target underneath the skull up the middle left playfield, the shoot the ball to load the hand cannon. The cannon will then swing out over the playfield, and the player must launch the ball to hit the lit target on the 5 bank. If the target is not struck, you will have to re-load the cannon to try again. If it is struck, it will immediately start multiball. During multiball, a player must try and lock 3 balls into the far left saucer, the left orbit, and back in the skull target. Note, a player must luck a ball under the skull to qualify for a jackpot. If all 3 balls are locked, the cannon will load and attempt to fire at the 5 bank target for a 3X jackpot. If a 2X or 3X jackpot has been achieved, shooting for the skull target again to lit Super Jackpot, followed by locking a ball/loading the cannon will then start the shot for Super Jackpot. A sequential light will move up and down the 5 bank target as well as the moving cannon, and is a very difficult shot to achieve, but if successful it will net 50Million points. Players can shoot for super jackpots as long as they continue to keep two or more balls in play. 

Each time through multiball will require an additional target bank light to be hit by the cannon to trigger multiball. When multiball starts for the first time, players will receive a brief ball save, but will not receive a ball save for any more multiball modes started.

Chase Loop – The right orbit shot starts at 250K, and upon completion will light a hurry up for 500K, and if completed it will go to 1Million. Consecutive completions will increase this by 1 million for each shot within the hurry up, with no capped value.

Escape Route – The left orbit leads to a saucer behind the upper playfield if the shot is made cleanly. Completing the 3 red bank targets in the direct middle will stack lights in the escape route column, and players will advance upward with each saucer lock. The first 3 awards aren’t much to write home about, but award 4 is video mode, award 5 an extra ball, and award 6 is ten million.

Video Mode – This brief video mode consists of using the left and right flipper to move the cursor to shoot walking terminators and the occasional helicopter.

Overall this game tends to have very low first impressions among most players, but once played a few times it can become a fan favorite as it is a bit of a cult classic. In the words of Arnold…Hasta la vista Baby

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