Royal Rumble

Manufacturer: Data East , Year: 2994

Are you ready to rumbbbbblllllleeeeeee?!

This is a widebody Data East machine with an upper playfield. There are basically two things going on; modes and multiball.

Skill Shot: The skill shot varies on this game, and can be any of the following: 3x Bonus, Pop Bonus, Long Freeze, 2x Banzai, Video Bonus, Belt Bonus, 3-Ball Pandemonium, Long Timers, and 10M. Bonus is only large on this game following a large ball, so the 3x bonus is a negligible advancement. 3 Ball Pandemonium is nice because starting that mode will automatically start a multiball. Long Freeze (allegedly) keeps the ball saver going longer, however it's not a terribly drainy game so I skip this one. If I'm not going for any particular mode, I'll usually take 3x Bonus if nothing else is really appealing.

Modes: There are 9 modes on the playfield. The lit mode is changed when you shoot one of the wrestler shots (left ramp, center ramp, right orbit). There are two Start Mode scoops, one to the left of the center ramp, and one to the left of the left ramp. When they are lit, they will start one of the 9 modes. If not lit, and not in a mode already, hit the center ramp when it's lit for LITE MODE START. Then you can hit a scoop and progress.

Multiball: The multiball on this is pretty simple, you have to make 9 shots to get to the multiball, which is a lot easier than it sounds. Hitting the left ramp, center ramp, and right orbit will spot you a wrestler, and once you've collected all 9 wrestlers, you can start the MB via the left ramp, the Macho Madness shot to the right of the TAG target banks, the upper playfield loop, or the top hole on the upper playfield (alley to the left). When you're in multiball, the lit wrestlers are your jackpots. Collect all 9 jackpots to light a Super Jackpot at the Top Hole.

If you get no jackpots and drain two of the three balls, you can restart MB with any of those four shots. It will be a two ball MB at this point.

Note: The left ramp is a loooooong shot, so in order to make it from the right flipper, you'll need some momentum. From a cradle, this shot can make it up the ramp and hit the switch that governs the made shot, but it will roll back down. These shots count toward wrestlers, even if they don't make it to the center or right return. But be aware, the left ramp needs to be hit perfectly, and even then, sometimes won't make it up there.

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Fall Standings

  • 1st:: John Delzoppo
  • 2nd:: Aaron Burke
  • 3rd:: Ryan Case
  • 4th:: Don Johnson
  • 5th:: Rod Lawrence
  • 6th:: Greg Sherwood
  • 7th:: Tommy Bizzi
  • 8th:: Brian Dodd

FALL League

Our FALL league begins 9/18/2016! One-time $10 entry fee. FREE ENTRY FEE TO ALL NEW PLAYERS!!! Open to all ages including seasoned, or novice players.

C'mon out and see what we're all about, meet some new people, and have an awesome weekly excuse to get out and play some pinball!

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