Medieval Madness

Manufacturer: Williams , Year: 2015

This machine is a remake of the very popular 1997 Williams game. 

There are several strategies to this game, but generally speaking, it's very similar to Attack From Mars. You can go for castles, multiballs, ramps, there's a lot of different ways to play it. For the highest scores, you want to complete the ramps, orbits, and catapult slam lanes to light up each multiball at the saucer. But there's long mision games, and there's league games, and when looking at risk v. reward, the Castle strategy seems to be the safest.

Skill Shot: There are two skill shots, just as in AFM. A normal plunge into the lit rollover lane will increase your multiplier, whereas a super skill shot can yield you a million points right off the bat. Hold the left flipper button in while you plunge, and that will raise the diverter so that the ball goes all the way around the orbit to your left flipper. From your flipper, hit any of the red lit shots, and that will start a Castle hurry-up which counts down from 1M points.

Castle: Hitting the Castle X number of times will lower the drawbridge. Once the drawbridge is lowered, you have to hit the gate repeatedly to bust it down. Once the gate is gone, one more shot to the Castle will destroy it. The first time this only takes a few shots and is worth 2M points. Each time it takes more shots to get the drawbridge down and remove the gate, but each Castle increases in value from 2M to 4M, 6M, 8M, 10M. If you're able to control the shot coming back from the Castle, it can be very lucrative to just bash the Castle repeatedly.

Castle Multiball: to the left of the Castle entrance is a small door. This is the Lock shot and three of these shots will start a multiball. This shot is VERY tight. However, the great thing about the multiball is that you can still continue to make progress toward your Castle during multiball. Unlike AFM which will close the target bank after defeating a ship, you can continue to open, smash, and destroy as many castles as you can during multiball. Additionally, hitting either ramp during multiball will award you a jackpot. 

Madness Multiball: Completing 4 shots to either ramp, the orbits, or Catapult Slam (that little gate on the left) will light the saucer for a "Whatever" Madness multiball. These can (and should) be stacked. A single madness will be a two ball multiball, and each added madness will add a ball (up to 4). Again, this is a great way to get a multiball started, and just beat up the Castle.

Trolls: Suck. They will pop out of the playfield when you hit the random award/Merlin shot. Although they are fun to bash, the ricochet of them is often uncontrollable and drainy. It's best to slow the game down at this point in time, or make safe orbit shots. Of course, if you're going for the "big game" they can add some good points and they are great to bring into a Madness multiball.

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