Tron Legacy

Manufacturer: Stern , Year: 2011

Besides being an incredibly beautiful machine, Tron is a fun, challenging game for all skill levels, from beginner to pro.

This pinball was made to coincide with the 2010 Tron movie but people 40 and over (mostly males) who think of Tron are taken back to 1982. The original Tron was awesome for its day: futuristic, fast, colorful, electronic, it had an arcade and had a hot girl in it (who also played Lacy Underall in Caddyshack!). Tron also was a very popular video game which tied in very nicely. Fortunately for everyone, Tron Legacy pinball captures the essence of all of it... except for maybe Lacy Underall.

The futuristic look is there. The colors are there. The sounds are there. The light cycles are there. The “fast” is definitely there. In fact, in top shape, the game plays so fast that it borders on being unplayable. There is an upper flipper which sets up a loop shot and a very difficult GEM shot. There is a primary scoop hole similar to The Addams Family and Monster Bash that needs to be hit in order for multiballs to start. The kickout of this scoop hole is clearly faster also. The biggest eye-catcher in this game is the Reorganizer (affectionately called “spinny thing” by PAPA TV commentators) that magnetically throws the ball around at the top of the playfield when the ball enters. As if the game wasn’t fast enough.

At the core of the game in the top center of the playfield is the Reorganizer target bank (similar to Spiderman and Attack From Mars). Hidden behind it is the Tron spinning disc. Four shots to this target bank (all three targets treated equally) will lower the bank and reveal the disc. When the ball enters this area, the ball will engage the spinning disc rubber surface, and be thrown back down the playfield. Seven shots to the spinning disc once the targets are down will start the Disc Multiball. Disc multiball is a three ball multiball that cannot be combined with the other multiball modes. The object now is to collect 10 spinning discs, highlighted by the blue shots in this mode, including more shots to the dics itself. If you do not complete this mode, there is a disc restart, a shot to the disk will start the multiball again with two balls.

Hitting four of the light cycles on the playfield will light up the light cycle multiball. To start this, hit the Flynn's Arcade scoop on the right.

The Quorra shot (left inner loop) is a very difficult shot. Five shots to this will light Quorra multiball over at Flynn's Arcade. This multiball and light cycle can be combined.

There is a pretty straightforward way to attack Tron however you have multiple choices of doing it right off the plunge. If the game is super fast, you can plunge the ball real hard keeping the upper left flipper engaged and the ball should roll off the flipper and make the ramp. The skill shot is another option, by bouncing the plunged ball off the gate and into the scoop hole. Another option is a soft plunge to the right inlanes (this happens after a failed skill shot anyway). Once in play, it is recommended to hit ramp shots to set up Light Cycle Multiball in the scoop hole.

The ultimate goal of the game is to complete the tree that is in the center of the playfield, each achievement lighting a level. Hit Flynns Arcade to start Portal when it is lit to start this four ball multiball, and prepare for some humongous points.

Tron is a fast, visually stunning, and delightful game to play, whether or not you appreciate the theme of it. And you had better be focused when playing Tron. If not, your game will be over in a hurry. It may be over in a hurry anyway.

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  • 6th:: Greg Sherwood
  • 7th:: Tommy Bizzi
  • 8th:: Brian Dodd

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